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What Italians Do Best

Did you know...

What Italians do best?

1) What we need to do before dinner? Well, "prendiamo in aperitiva" - it is a drink before meals to stimulate the appetite. The are made with different herbs - flowers and citrus infused alcohol and then we have salted snacks called "stuzzichini" to poke the appetite again. After all that stimulation the appetite may become overexcited, but don't worry, after dinner you can always have a digestive!

2) The Italian Authority - The Carabinieri with uniforms from Armani Valentino and polished leather boots.

La Bella Figura - Apperance and behavior is very basic in the Italian tradition. Because "cosa pensera la gente" - what will people think. La bella figura is not only about looking good and using the right fork, but be aware, that certain circumstances require certain behaviors like the housewife who makes sure that neighbors know that her floors are washed daily; the stone mason who goes for coffee with polished shoes and a pressed shirt; and so many more! Most Italians have no need to put their money in the bank, they prefer to spend it for their own gratification and for those who will be looking!

3) Il Caleio - soccer has been called in Italy the only form of Patriotism. The players are heroes. When the soccer season starts, no plans are made for Sunday after lunch. This is a sacred time to the "tifosi" (the fans).The more passionate to to the stadium  with all different transportation, mostly hanging out from a train, some congregate in front of the television or at the local "Cireolo" (bar) where they can watch, moan, cheer, gasp in company!