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The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Did you know...

About the most beautiful goof in history, the bell tower located in The Campo dei miracoli in Pisa. On August 9, 1173 architect Bonanno Piseno began construction of the bell tower. Two years later during the building of the third layer, its trademark lean was initially discovered. It was not the fault of the design, but the soil on which the tower was situated was too soft and the tower foundation tipped. This naturally posed a dilemma and for ninety years the tower remained incomplete. But something about the way it was inspired the Pisans; they tried to straighten, but after a few years they realized it was impossible. But that didn't stop Giovanni Di Simone. He took the project and added four more stories. The bell capola on the seventh level was completed by one of Piseno's relatives in 1350 after 175 years.

There it stands, or leans, gently falling towards the earth like the most elegant display of gravity. In 1994, six hundred tons of lead were added to the north side of the foundation and for a brief time, much to the horror and surprise of everyone, the tower began to straighten. But one night in September, the very next year, the tower shifted 2.5 millimeters overnight.

Well, no one knows when it will fall to earth. Right now she is poised like a ballerina before her final bow!

Considered one of the wonders of the world, this is one "failure" of which Italians can truly be proud!!!