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The Colosseum

Did you know...

That the Colosseum in Rome was built in a round shape to prevent gladiators from retreating to corners and to allow the spectators to view all the action in the arena. Arena is latin for "sand" and it was used in places where a sporting and theatrical event was held, but in ancient Rome the hard ground of the Colosseum could not soak up the blood spilled during a gladiator fight, so they covered the surface with sand to absorb it. The Colosseum had a 50,000 seating capacity during a gladiator fight.

Today, there are 200 cats living in the Colosseum – and they are protected by law. If a group of 5 or more are found living in a natural habitat (such as the city's ruins) they cannot be disturbed or removed. In total, Rome has 300,000 cats, more than any other city in the world.