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Sofia Loren

In 1997 the magazine Shape had over four thousand women to determine whom they regarded as the ten "sexiest women in the world." Very high on the list were stars and models like Sharon Stone, Cindy Crawford, and many more! But, only one woman was not in their twenties, thirties, forties, or even fifties - Sofia Loren. A woman in her sixties continues to be regarded as one of the world's sexiest women!

Sofia Loren is the epitome of Italian feminity. Her sculpted features, penetrating eyes, and charismatic presence increased the popularity of Italian and American films. Loren was born Sofia Villani Scicolone on September 20, 1934 in Rome and was raised in the seaport town of Pozzouli at a time when the war devastated all of Italy. As a child she was so emaciated that her friends called her Sofia "stuzzicaolente" (toothpick). She blossomed as a teenager and at the age of 14 she won a beauty contest and she got her first role as an extra in the American film - Quo Vadis - then filmed in Rome. She was in a second beauty contest, which she didn't win, but she met her future husband, Carlo Ponti, the Italian producer who launched her career in the cinema! That career went on for half a century with memorable performances like Boccaccio 1962, Marriage Italian Style 1964, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow 1963, El Cid with Charlton Heston and so many more! She won an academy award for the movie The Two Women in 1961 and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Academy of Motion Pictures.

Sofia Loren is one of the truly elegant and beautiful women of our time!!

When I see her face I see Italy!!