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Did you know...

Amore is a word that stirs the Italian soul.

For Italians a life without love that is a life not worth living. Why is this passion for love and life so Italian? Is it the Mediterranean climate? The veneration of women that seems imprinted on the Italian male soul? The intense passion that is in the Italian family life?

Whatever the reason, Italy is for romance, and the air of the country resonates with the music of love! Mention Venice and what come to mind but a Gondolier serenading two lovers under the moonlight. Honeymooners go to the Isle of Capri like pilgrims, and there are more bridal shops in Naples than in any other city in the world. In music, art, poetry, mythology and folk tales Italians have always been in love with LOVE. The Greeks called her Aphrodite, but the Romans give us Venus - the goddess of love and we can visualize as the artist Botticelli painted her - by emerging from a seashell in all her naked splendor. The painting - Birth of Venus - hangs in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and takes your breath away because you know that in Italy you too will fall under the Goddess spell!