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Vince Lombardi

Did you know...

That we celebrated the Superbowl in the name of another super Italian, Vince Lombardi!

Vince Lombardi, the son of an immigrant Italian butcher, was born in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn on June 11, 1913. His early life was shaped by family, religion, and sports. He was deeply influenced by the Jesuits, who taught him the philosophy he used with his players. This son of New York did not achieve fame until he took a job in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Before that he was, for twenty years, first high school coach in New Jersey, then as an assistant at West Point and finally with the New York Giants. He was 46 when he was hired to coach the Packers in 1959 leading them to the most in NFL history - winning 5 world championships in 9 seasons! He had one season in Washington where he transformed the Redskins into winners.

Many fans turn to Lombardi in search of characteristics, the old virtues of discipline, obedience, loyalty, character and teamwork. To others he symbolizes something less romantic: modern society obsessed with winning and superficial success. Vince Lombardi died of cancer in 1970.