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Three Famous Teen Singers

Did you know...

Frankie Avalon's Italian name was Frances Avallone, born September 18,1939 in Philadelphia, PA.

Bobby Rydell's Italian name was Roberto Ridarelli born April 26,1942 in Philadelphia, PA.

Fabian's Italian name was Fabiano Forte born February 6, 1943 also in Philadelphia, PA.

In the 1940's there must have been something potent in the chianti wine in Philly because the three teen pop singer idols were born within a four year span. Each of the three handsome Italian youngsters went to the same high school and lived a few blocks of each other. They each had a successful but brief singing careers in the late 50's and 60's that led to Hollywood and the movies.

Frankie Avalon is best known for his "beach" films - "Beach Party" in 1963, "Bikini Beach" in 1964, and "Beach Blanket Bingo" in 1965 - and they were all made with Annette Funicello.

Bobby Rydell had 19 top 30 hits and 34 top 40 hits.

Fabian was voted most promising vocalist in a poll in 1959.

All three were products of Dick Clark's American Bandstand but when the British invastion of the early 60's came, the hit-making days were over for the popular trio. 

In 1985, Dick Clark worked magic once more and reunited Avalon, Fabian, and Rydell in a nostalgic review named "The Golden Boys of Grandstand". The three performers were will received and cheered by their fans all over American for over a decade!!