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The Story of Pinocchio

The best loved story in the world...the story of a talking piece of wood that is carved into a puppet. Carlo Lorenzini under the name of Collodi was a nineteenth century Florentine author and journalist. He decided to try writing children's stories, and he sent a story to his friend in Rome who was the editor for "Il Giornale dei Bambini". The editor loved it and he published the first chapter in July 1881. The response was overwhelming! The story was called "Le Avventure di Pinocchio" and it became a regular serial in the newspaper with young readers awaiting each new chapter. But in chapter fifteen Pinocchio was killed by assassins. The public was horrified. So Collodi decided to continue his serial and saved poor Pinocchio. In 1883 the entire story was published in one book. The book was translated into many languages including English.

A young man named Walt Disney discovered the story and turned it into the animated classic "Pinocchio" in 1940. The film contained many of Pinocchio's adventures, him being changed into a donkey, swallowed by a whalre, and finally transformed into a real boy. Pinocchio was a hungry puppet boy who causes mischief wherever he traveled, learning the hardship of life and the importance of family and friends. He triumps when he becomes "real".

Along with the "Divine Comedy" and "The Prince," the story of Pinocchio is one of Italy's most prestigious artifacts. But you don't need to have a degree to enjoy the story of Collodi. All it takes is a heart!