Mt. Carmel St. Cristina Society

Sergio Franchi

Sergio Franchi was born in Italy on April 6, 1926 from a father Neapolitano and a mother Genovese. He used to joke and say "from the waist up I'm Noapolitano" (pointing to his heart). "From the waist down (pointing to his pocket) I'm Genovese." Sergio was one of three children - two sisters born 17 years before him in the village of Codogno in Lombardio.

He was our Italian-American tenor, actor and entertainer. His instruments were his voice, guitar, and piano. He was discovered on British television in 1962. Later he came to America for an audition with RCA Victor and he debut at Carnegie Hall and appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. His ambitions were directed toward an operatic career, but he became popular in romantic music. He became an American citizen in 1972 and he was so proud that use used to say "now I'm a Yankee Franchi!"

In the 28 year career he supported the arts and many charitable organizations such as Boystown of Italy and the National Italian American Foundation and he received the highest award from Boystown - the Michaelangelo award and the title of "Cavaliery" from the Government of Italy.

Sergio married Yvonne Lindsey, a South African ballerina in 1953 - they had two children, a daughter and a son. They divorced in 1981. Sergio married his second wife, Eva in New York in June 1982. Eva came with her family from Budapest in 1956 after the Hungarian revolt. It was the second marriage for both. Fanchi and his sister bought the 240 acre property in Stonington, CT in 1979 and in 1982 he relocated his father, mother, and sister Mirella with her children to his estate. On August 3, 1989, while rehersing for a concert with Pat Cooper, Sergio Franchi collapsed and was hospitalized. Test revealed a brain tumor and after long radiation, the desease won. Sergio passed away less than one month after his sixty fourth birthday.

Since 1993, his wife Eva celebrated 20 years of concerts in Stonington and was able to award 470 scolarships to vocal studies, young tenors and sopranos with the hope that with romantic and classical music we can keep the spirit of romance alive in our hearts. The very thing that Sergio has always stood for!!