Mt. Carmel St. Cristina Society

Pope Benedict XVI

As of yesterday, February 28th, we have an ex-Pope. First time in history!

Pope Benedict XVI had an eye for fashion. His reading glasses are from Cartier, the sunglasses from Gucci, the red shoes from Prada, and the walking shoes by Geox (called the shoe that breathes). He is a skilled pianist and a big Mozart fan; but now he can't wear the red shoes any longer because they are a symbol of the active Pope. So he ordered special slippers from Mexico. The ring - symbolo del pescatore - (symbol of the fisherman) will be destroyed because he retired. If he died the ring would have been buried with him. He can still wear the Cassock (the white coat).

The Pope used a variety of Popamobiles donated by Mercedes Benz and in his recent travels in 2008 to the United States he had a customized two-door Popamobile with mother of pearl finish and white interior. The personalized plate of the Popamobile reads "SCV 1" and they stand for "Stato Citta del Vaticano." The "1" refers to the Holy Father's position in the church! Now he retired to Castel Gandolfo for 2 months with a big entourage - the new butler, his personal secretary, 4 nuns called Memores, they are special servants of the Pope, all his cats and of course - the piano.

He was a very humble and brave Pope to come to this historical decision!!