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Mondavi Wines

Did you know...

About the wines - the wines of Robert Mondavi! The California Mondavi Winery first produced wines in 1966 and are among the finest premium American wines.

Mondavi was born in 1913. His parents came from Italy in 1910 and soon became involved in the California wine grapes to be shipped to Italian immigrants who made their own wine. In 1923, when Robert was 10 years old the family became a full scale business of shipping grapes to the eastern United States. Robert became very immersed in the family business and after he graduated from Stanford University in 1936 he joined his father in the production of California wine. In 1943, Robert convinced his father to purchase the Charles Krug Winery and the future of Robert Mondavi Winery began! Mondavi produced world-class wines and he did it with the help of this entire family. Robert is Chairman of the Board, his oldest son Michael is President and CEO, his son Timothy is Managing Director and wine grower, his daughter Marcia is on the Board of Directors and his wife Margaret is Vice President of Cultural Affairs.

Robert Mondavi's courage and originality led the way for other enterprising Americans including film maker Frances Ford Coppola and he proved once and for all that some of the finest wines in the world can be produced in the United States.