Mt. Carmel St. Cristina Society

Members Tony and Antonia Cresenzo

Did you know...

That Tony Cresenzo was born in Sarno Province di Solerno. Tony's grandfather lived in America. Tony joined him with all his family, his parents, and 3 sisters in 1955 at the age of 10. He came to Connecticut and went to school on Albany Avenue in Hartford and after 3 years he went to work at Carlin Electric in West Hartford. After 1 year he left and went to trade school for a few months. He then got a job at Union School learning heating and cooling sheet metal. After 4 years he got a license at the State House and he worked for 44 years retiring in 1999.

Tony was young, he had a good job and he was having a good time but his mother was not well and wanted all her children to be married. So all the relatives arranged a marriage in Italy with a family in Sarno. They corresponded and got a picture of the girl but too much time went by so the girl got married to somebody else but his father said: "No problem. I have another daughter - Antonia". So Tony went to Italy and met Antonia. She was seventeen and fortunately they liked each other and they got married September 17, 1963. They came back to Connecticut and started a beautiful life together. Antonia also went to work as a nurse's aid at Maple View Manor convalescent home for 20 years and in between they had 3 children - 2 girls and 1 boy, and 5 grandchildren.

Now in her spare time, after she cooks dinner for Tony, family and friends, she has a hobby. She collects dolls; antique, Italian, and modern. She has the original Shirley Temple doll. They have been married for 49 years and next year they will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Six years ago Tony and Anotonia found happiness when they joined Mt. Carmel - St. Cristina Society!

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