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Italian Superstitions

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Italian Superstitions!

  • The hook or horns takes a new meaning in Italy raising a fist with the index and the little finger is a hardcore insult; a graphic way to telling a man that his wife or girlfriend is sleeping around. The hand signal also can be misinterpreted as a satanic symbol; something five Americans learned in 1985 when they were arrested for making the sign in front of the Vatican while celebrating the news of a Longhorns victory.
  • Many Italians believe that nuns bring bad luck. As soon as they see one, they will touch iron similar to "knocking on wood."
  • Italian men when hearing bad news or seeing something that brings bad news (such as a hearse) will put their hands in front of their crotches and say "Io mitocco" or I touch myself - which is similar in theory to crossing their fingers!
  • It is illegal to be a prostitute in Siena if your name is Mary!