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Italian Cars

Did you know...

About Italian cars! Their designs have seduced the world. The names of the most famous - Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Maserati, and Ferrari. The Italian romance with the automobile began in the twentieth century; although the automobile was invented elsewhere it was the Italians who give them a special brand of passion. They were not just a piece of metal, they had heart and soul! One of the first Italian cars and still one of the most treasured is the Alfa Romero. Nicola Romeo was the founder of the company and he had no idea he would become the grandfather of the sports car. After World War I ended in 1918, he surrounded himself with the best designers and engineers and began producing engines and automobiles, slick new models for the growing racing division which left the Germans and the English in the dust!!

Then a young man named Enzo Ferrari joined the Alfa Romeo team in 1920 as a driver. Here is where sports car history shifted into second. In 1929, Ferrari left the company and Alfa Romeo was the leader of the pack, but Ferrari with all the knowledge gained working for Alfa Romeo started his own company with a line of cards of superior quality. Bugatti and Lancia are other magical names and the first has had its master machine - to own one of these machines is the epitome of "having it all"!

P.S. $5.5 million was the price paid at auction for a Ferrari 250 GTO in 1991.