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Boxer Rocky Marciano

That Rocky Marciano was born Rocco Francis Marchegiano on September 1, 1923. He was a tough cookie from the beginning. As an infant he was already a heavy weight weighing 12 pounds at birth and surviving a near fatal case of pneumonia at the age of eighteen months. It wasn't until after he was drafted into the Army that he discovered boxing. He participated in amateur fights with great success. When he returned home, Rocky decided to become a professional boxer. He began a regimented training schedule, running eight miles through the streets of Brockton, MA. tossing a football back and forth with his friend to fool his mother's suspicions, who disapproved of the sport.

From his first professional fight on March 17, 1947 to his final bout against Archie Moore on September 21, 1955, Rocky was a champion. During his career, he was only knocked down twice spending a total of seven seconds on the canvas. He had the fist of steel and the U.S. Testing Co. measured the force of this punches which were equal to the energy necessary to lift a thousand pounds one foot off the ground.

On September 23, 1952, Rocky stepped into the ring for the greatest match in the history of boxing against the current champion Jersey Joe Walcott. The fight was long, brutal and exciting. By the twelfth round, Jersey Joe looked as if he had the title on points but Rocky was not finished. In the spectacular thirteenth round, Rocky landed one of his famous "Susie Q" punches sending Jersey Joe to the mat for the count. Jersey Joe later recalled that "the ights went out." Rocky won 43 professional fights by knockout over 49 fights. He retired undefeated at the age of 32. In the ring he was a powerful force, but outside he was a true gentleman. Tragically, he died in a plane crash in 1969 but the legend lives on!

Note: Rocky Marciano is still the only heavy weight boxing champion to have retired undefeated to this day! He is the only boxer to never have lost a professional fight.